Invest in a Sustainable Future: Support Logan County Land Trust through Donations

Welcome to the Donate page of the Logan County Land Trust, where your contribution becomes a cornerstone for preserving our natural and agricultural heritage. Your generosity empowers us to undertake meaningful projects, maintain historic landmarks like the Camp Myeerah Historic Cabin, and nurture the growth of the Environmental Youth Program.

Your Donation, Your Impact: At Logan County Land Trust, we recognize the immense impact that collective efforts can have on building a sustainable future. Your donation is more than a financial contribution; it is an investment in the preservation of our community’s unique character and the conservation of vital natural resources.

Explore Donation Options:

  1. Special Projects: Contribute to our ongoing and upcoming special projects that aim to enhance sustainability, protect farmlands, and foster environmental education. Your support fuels initiatives that make a lasting impact on Logan County’s landscape.
  2. Camp Myeerah Historic Cabin: Help us maintain and revitalize the Camp Myeerah Historic Cabin, a cherished landmark with rich historical significance. Your donation ensures the preservation of this cultural treasure for future generations to enjoy.
  3. Environmental Youth Program: Support the growth and expansion of our Environmental Youth Program, empowering the next generation with knowledge and a passion for environmental stewardship. Your donation contributes to educational experiences that shape the environmental leaders of tomorrow.

How to Donate: Select the cause that resonates with you and make a donation today. Your support enables us to continue our vital work in farmland preservation, sustainable land use, and environmental education. Click the button below to make a donation.

Other Ways to Contribute: If you have a specific project or idea in mind for your donation, or if you are interested in exploring partnerships, please contact us directly. We welcome conversations about how your contribution can align with our mission to create a resilient and environmentally conscious Logan County.

Thank you for considering Logan County Land Trust as your partner in preserving our community’s natural and cultural heritage. Together, let’s build a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Invest in a Sustainable Future: Support Logan County Land Trust through Donations