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“Roots So Deep (you can see the devil down there)” is a compelling 4-part documentary series that explores innovative solutions to climate change through regenerative agriculture. Guided by director Peter Byck, the series delves into how an underutilized cattle grazing method, inspired by the natural movements of bison, can transform farming practices. This method has the potential to help farmers escape debt, rejuvenate depleted soils, restore wildlife habitats, and sequester significant amounts of carbon.

The series features interviews with farmers and scientists who are testing and measuring the impact of adaptive grazing. Can this approach, which contrasts with traditional methods, truly mitigate climate change and foster economic sustainability for farmers? Discover the science and stories behind this revolutionary practice and see if it can shift long-standing agricultural traditions towards a more sustainable future.

Explore the journey and the potential of adaptive grazing in “Roots So Deep” and consider how this transformative practice might pave the way for climate resilience.

Roots So Deep