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Welcome to the Membership page of the Logan County Land Trust, where you can actively contribute to the enduring legacy of our community. By becoming a member, you play a vital role in our mission to work hand-in-hand with private landowners, preserving their land and safeguarding the natural resources that define the beauty of Logan County.

Your Membership Matters: At Logan County Land Trust, we understand the importance of preserving the family farm and the delicate balance between progress and conservation. Many individuals like you, passionate about safeguarding our natural and agricultural heritage, may consider an agricultural agreement. Our easements allow landowners to permanently protect their land while retaining the ability to sell or transfer it for agricultural purposes.

How to Join: Ready to make a difference? Complete the form below to become a member of Logan County Land Trust. Your support helps us continue our vital work in preserving the land for future generations.

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Make checks payable to and send to:

Logan County Land Trust
℅ Lindsey Smith
5224 C. R. 124
West Mansfield, Ohio 43358

The Logan County Land Trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving farmland, woodland, pastureland, and other environmentally sensitive areas in our county. Our focus is to protect the beautiful rolling hills and landscape of our county and to provide education on land management skills and wise use of our natural resources to both youth and adults.

Thank you for considering membership with Logan County Land Trust. Together, let’s build a sustainable future and preserve the essence of Logan County for generations to come.