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Our mission is to protect Logan County and foster long-term sustainability.

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Preservation of the rural character of Logan County.
According to the American Farmland Trust, 2,000 acres of agricultural land are converted everyday nationwide. Please join us in preserving what remains for future generations.

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About the Logan County Land Trust

Preserving Our Agricultural Heritage Since 2004
The Logan County Land Trust (LCLT) is a 501C-3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the agricultural landscapes of Logan and surrounding counties. Since 2004, we have tirelessly worked as an all-volunteer team, fostering partnerships, educating communities, and implementing conservation strategies to ensure the sustainability of our region.

The Logan County Land Trust is a nonprofit organization that works with private landowners to preserve agricultural and natural lands in Logan County.

Landowners continue to own and manage their land, and can sell or pass it on to their heirs. No matter who owns the land, though, a permanent conservation easement will assure that conservation values remain protected – prime and productive soils, water resources and high quality habitat.

The LCLT is a Certified Local Sponsor of the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (LAEPP) and the USDA-NRCS Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP). Since 2004 the Trust has sponsored county landowners who make application to the programs. The programs allow landowners to voluntarily sell easements on their farms to the state and USDA. The easement requires the farm remain permanently in agricultural production.

Our Mission:

The mission of Logan County Land Trust is to preserve farmland, scenic open space and natural areas to protect the rural character of Logan County; and to foster the long-term sustainability of the agricultural economy and farming as a way of life.

Our Vision:

Our future is rooted in effectively communicating our mission to all landowners and individuals. Land is not merely soil; it is a community to which we belong. Managed land and efficient land use mean success for future generations and the continuation of life as we know it today.

Our Impact:

Since our inception 20 years ago, LCLT has safeguarded a total of 3,650 acres under Agricultural Easements, thanks to the collaboration of 23 different landowners. This initiative has injected $4 million into the Logan County economy, allowing landowners to alleviate debt, invest in farm inputs, and promote the expansion of agricultural operations. Presently, we are actively working with 5 landowners on 8 new agricultural easements, adding an additional 780 acres to our protected lands with easement payments nearing an additional $2,000,000. This would bring the total economic impact to $6,000,000 for the county. These funds have been used by the landowners to reduce debt, purchase inputs on the farm (like equipment), and allow for expansion of agricultural operations.

Since 2004:

  • Over 3500 acres of land has been preserved for perpetuity in Logan County. This represents 23 working, family farms across Logan County.
  • Over $3,027,152.00 of both State and Federal funding has been utilized to obtain these Agricultural Easements and this amount has come into the economy of Logan County.
  • In the next 2 years an additional $1,238,329.00 will be awarded to 5 landowners obtaining permanent Agricultural Easements on their agricultural operations.
  • 12 diverse directors make up the current board of LCLT
  • The LCLT has contracted with an individual to assist with programs and planning along with contracting with a professional grant writer to assist with the search for funding opportunities.
  • The LCLT maintains a membership of approximately 40 members (growing each year) that provide voluntary donations of approximately $3000 annually.
  • With membership donations and grants the annual LCLT budget is approximately $7000
  • Checking has over $30,000 and the Stewardship (Legal Defense Fund) is slightly over $145,000
  • The LCLT has expanded their education efforts through adult and youth programs and in the last year has made strides in networking and partnering with many other groups and organizations. A very active Environmental Youth Club is sponsored by the LCLT that meets on a regular basis covering STEM topics that enhance their formal education.
  • LCLT is taking their efforts to the land by partnering with Landowners to improve their resources. Woodlands make up nearly 20% of the land under easement and invasive species are a severe problem. Efforts are underway to improve this issue.

LCLT continues to meet and educate interested landowners about Farmland Preservation, provides instruction on the process, and monitors the State and Federal easement farms. The educational arm of LCLT has increased awareness of the public on land management practices of our environment and how agricultural, urban, and industrial growth may have consequences on our environment, water quality, and air quality, not to mention the positive benefits on mental health. Specific educational programs include:

  • 2 Woodland Management Educational Programs – April and October
  • A 1-week Environmental Summer Camp for Youth – August
  • A summer bus trip geared toward Environmental and Agricultural Education – August
  • An after school program for Benjamin Logan School students
  • Efforts began for our first Clean Ohio Green Space Application with Kirkmont Center, Inc.
  • Continued progress on the Cabin Restoration at Myeerah Preserve
  • Upgrade of the LCLT website with appearance and content
  • Ricketts Park project is close to being completed

Educational Initiatives:

Beyond preservation, LCLT is committed to raising awareness about farmland preservation and environmental stewardship. Our educational programs include all-day field trips to prominent environmental centers like Glen Helen State Park Raptor Center, Agraria Center for Regenerative Practices, Cedar Bog, and Freshwater Farms. We conduct weekly programs throughout the school year, covering various environmental subjects and host nationally recognized speakers like Ray Archuleta on regenerative agriculture.

Community Collaborations:

LCLT takes pride in partnerships that extend beyond traditional boundaries. One significant collaboration is the Logan County Solid Waste District Carbon Footprint Project.

Looking Ahead:

As we embrace the future, LCLT is diligently working on a Long-Term Management Plan and organizational structure. Our goal is to ensure that all directors and volunteers contribute to steering the path Logan County takes in the future. With the support of a generous donor, we continue the search for a part-time executive director to guide and strengthen our organization, enhancing our capabilities to serve the community.

Board of Directors

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The Logan County Land Trust members are land owners, farmers, conservationists, business professionals, educators, and other community members interested in preserving farmland, scenic open spaces, and other natural areas to maintain the integrity and rural character of Logan and surrounding counties.

Join Logan County Land Trust in our mission to preserve and protect our agricultural heritage. As Aldo Leopold eloquently stated, “When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

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